Posted by: Jen | February 5, 2012


I’m normally indifferent to Valentine’s Day. I don’t rage against card companies for pretend holidays, but I also don’t typically get crazy-go-nuts about it either. This year, in an effort to do seasonal decorations/finding things that haunt my dreams until I make them on Pinterest, I made some Valentine’s Day stuff.

First, my seasonal window! My friend Lisa helped me make these letters and cute hearts with the Cricut. It’s a magical machine. I stuck them to the window with scrapbooking adhesive and that was a mistake. As you can see, they have a tough time staying up. In a week, I’ve re-glued ten or twelve of them. Next time I’ll find a better way to adhere them, but I still love the way it looks!

I had extra hearts, so I scattered them here and there about the house.

Next, I thought it was finally time to take down my Christmas wreath, even though I love it so, and technically it could pass for Valentine’s day because of the red. But, I found this amazing felt heart making technique on Pinterest and had to try it out. The little tutorial isn’t in English, but the pictures are pretty self explanatory. Since I wanted to hang it on the door, I couldn’t just do a cute strand like in the tutorial. So, I cam up with this little thing.

I pretty much love it. Here’s a little close up action.

I wanted to needle felt little white balls to give it dimension, but I just couldn’t bring myself to take that much time. So, I simply cut out some white felt circles.

Finally, because I could not get my act together enough to send out Christmas cards, once again, my friend Lisa helped me to make these Valentines!

Amazing? I think so.

Hope this Valentine’s Day is full of loooooooove!


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