Posted by: Jen | June 12, 2012

50th Anniversary

This past weekend we had a 50th Anniversary celebration for Roy and Flo. These are two of the kindest, most loving, most magnificent people I know. They’ve adopted us as grand-children and I’m so proud and thankful to have them as part of my family.

I, along with several others who love Roy and Flo like crazy, helped to plan some of their special day.

With the help of my friend Lisa and her Cricut, I made this great banner out of some textured gold paper.


The cake was supplied by another wonderfully talented lady, Jan, complete with Roy and Flo’s original cake topper!


The cupcakes were vanilla with a chocolate butter cream (made by moi) and a key lime cupcake with cream cheese frosting (made by Cathy!). Do not, as I was, be put off by the green-ness of these little cupcakes. They are tasty. I used a frosting tip to dollop on the frosting, and I love love love the effect it gave them when they were all displayed on the stand (which was three platters hot glued to two candle sticks to make one big display stand!)


I also made cookies. They had a yellow base that I dusted with gold lustre dust after they dried. It was time consuming, but the shimmery golden effect was well worth the time.



The party decor was made infinitely lovelier by all of the photos of their wedding, as well as so many beautiful things from their wedding, most notable being Flo’s wedding gown.



It was a truly magnificent day.



Love you two!



  1. Beautiful!! What a special celebration for a very special couple!

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