Posted by: Jen | August 4, 2012

1000 Gifts #8-25

I took a little blogging break, but not a break from writing down my gifts. Actually, I took a little break with that too (turns out being displaced from your home and having a crazy crawling baby will distract you…), but I’ve still got some that I want to share.

8. Catching a glimpse of what my husband will be like in twenty years.

9. Waking up to a smiling baby.

10. Sizzle of pancakes in the pan.

11. Pruny baby feet in a blue pool.

12. Lattice top blueberry pie.

13. The apprehension of a thunderstorm.

14. Click of knitting needles during a long nap time.

15. Roads through the woods after the rain.

16. Rain plunkning on AC unit, one of my favorite summer sounds.

17. Barely curling baby hair.

18. Smooshy baby lips during a nap.

19. Sprawling hills on a drive to upstate NY.

20. Queen Anne’s lace growing all along the highway.

21. Old friends.

22. Bathtub toys lined up on the counter, squeaky clean.

23. Blue eyes looking out the window in the early morning.

24. Baby fingers on piano keys.

25. Coffee. Simple, but I am thankful for it.


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